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Landlord gas Safety Check is important. This is important for maintaining the central heating and the plumbing system and keeping them in their best conditions. With this, if you plan to rent your property later on, you won’t face any problem as you will be having your Landlord gas check papers with you to show your drainage, plumbing, and heating systems are absolutely fine.

Our team of professionals will come to your place, inspect your gas mater, appliance, pipework, etc.

If you see any of the warning signs, make sure to call us for gas safety checks. The indications include the improper working of the gas appliances, increased condensation in your room, etc. All the gas appliances and heating systems need to be checked and serviced every year as per the instructions of the professionals. Unchecked appliances can leave you at great risk. So, better do it by hiring an experienced service provider.

We carry out landlord gas safety checks in Addlestone. This is compulsory and needs to be done annually. If there is an issue we will report it immediately and give you the quote on the same day. We ensure everything is in order and all safety precautions are followed. Our checks involve :

  • Gas testing for leaks, supply 

  • Flue analyses

  • Integrity of the boiler flue and termination

  • Controls

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