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Refurbishing or remodeling a bathroom is the second most expensive project in a household if done correctly (excluding lofts or extensions).  We do not cut corners and aim to give you the bathroom you will be happy to use and show off to your friends and family. One of the important factors for Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone or anywhere else is communication, and we love a chat so we try to give you options where possible so you land up getting your dream bathroom. Bathroom refurbishments in Addlestone have never been so easy and simple with our world-class services and fittings. Check out the services we offer.

JNR Plumbing & Heating Services - Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone 

Looking for affordable service for Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone, JNR Plumbing and Heating is always here to help. 

  • We carry out bathroom refurbishments  for your own home or rented property

  • On rentals, we aim to fit a contemporary bathroom that is hard-wearing and easy and cost-effective to replace various items that wear out due to wear and tear

  • For your own bathroom 

    • we can just do the plumbing side or manage the entire project

    • we will help design, supply and fit 

    • we can get drawings made out so you can decide on whats suits you the best


So, if you're looking to give your home's bathroom a new look and a complete overhaul, JNR Plumbing & Heating is always available to help. No matter the size or age of your house's bathroom, with our service for Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone, you can trendy and modern one in a matter of days. Apart from always being available to help you out, we're committed to providing you complete plumbing and heating services solutions. 

Why Choose JNR Plumbing & Heating for Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone?

Bathrooms are one of the most important facilities of any house and always needs some special care. We as a company can always guarantee you quality and efficiency to help you with bathroom refurbishment service. Our aim is always to ensure we meet our client's expectations and hence keep pushing ourselves to better ourselves. As a matter of fact, over the years of being associated with the industry, we've time and again redesigned our service.

JNR Plumbing & Heating works with a team of expert professionals who're committed to their craft. We've been in business for over a decade and slowly developed a reputation. With a dedicated team and sound service strategies, we can always guarantee quality service. No matter what kind of remodeling service you're looking for, our team can get it done.

So, if you're looking for a quick and affordable service for Bathroom Refurbishments in Addlestone, feel free to reach out to us. Contact us to book a service request at your convenience.

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