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A central heating system is always considered as one of the most integral parts of a house. However, as it remains hidden behind the walls and away in the lofts, it is very obvious to forget about this system that has a wide network of radiators, boilers, pumps, tanks, and pipes. You must know that this is the system that makes it possible to get the supply of hot water in those chilly cold days. To make sure your home’s central heating system is in its best condition, it is essential to install the right type on your home. There are different types of boilers, pumps, pipes, and tanks available today. Choose the best one from the variants. Besides servicing, we can also assist you to make the right selection from so many different types of the central heating system.

One of the vital yet overlooked household tasks is checking and maintaining the central heating system. Just imagine it is a super cold day and your central heating system is not working. In order to avoid this, you need to know the different types of central heating services we offer.

Our team of professionals can handle all types of central heating services no matter how severe is the problem. The charges may vary depending upon the service but none of the prices will make a hole in your pocket. That’s for sure. From installation to replacement, maintenance, and servicing, we provide all.


We deal with all aspects of central heating whether being a repair, replacement or maintenance. You can contact us for any assistance on your heating repair in Addlestone. Some of the following services that we offer are:

  • Radiator leaks

  • Thermostatic valves replacements / install

  • Pump replacements

  • Controllers repairs / upgrading installs

  • Underfloor heating installs / maintenance / diagnosing none working zones

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