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Boiler Service in Addlestone


A gas boiler is one of the most essential parts of your house. A boiler is the primary source of constant hot water supply. A thorough inspection of your boiler can keep it performing efficiently and smoothly for several years. Here, at JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone, the experts ensure to conduct a detailed service on the boiler you have in your home. Our knowledgeable professionals also provide tips and advice on using the boiler more efficiently. Getting your boiler serviced periodically can cut down the risks of breakdown, damage, leakage, etc thus prolonging the life of the boiler.

Reliable Boiler Service in Addlestone - JNR Plumbing & Heating

JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone is committed to helping with quick and efficient service to address any kind of problems with your boiler installation.

We, JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone,  provide an extensive range of boiler services. We cover a comprehensive extension, checking the seals and gaskets, testing, freeing the drains from dirt and debris, combustion analysis, visual inspection, and assessment of the present heating controls. If you need a boiler servicing right now or later, just give us a call. We will be there at your convenient time for a guaranteed and long-lasting boiler servicing.

We service all makes of boilers and hot cylinders and offer different types of services for your appliances: Boiler service in Addlestone has never been so easy with us being just a call away. We offer:

  • Boiler servicing

  • Whole system check and report

  • System inhibitor dosing

  • Hot water cylinder descaling

  • Safety valves checks on boiler and cylinders


Our aim is to make quality service available for our clients and every person of Addlestone at any time of the day. Understanding the importance of boiler installations, we've designed our Boiler Service in Addlestone to extend a helping hand as quickly as possible. So if you're facing any kind of problems with your boiler installation, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Common Problems with Boiler System

Like all home appliances, boilers installations too have their own problem. Issues that we keep helping clients in resolving. Here are some of the most 

  • No Heat or Hot Water

Such a problem can easily be caused by broken diaphragms, airlocks, motorized valve failure, thermostat related problems or even low water levels. It the root of the problem is for broken airlocks, valve or diaphragms, then the parts simply need to be replaced. To handle such cases, it is best to contact professionals for Boiler Service in Addlestone.

  • Boiler leaking and dripping

A variety of reasons can be the cause behind a boiler leaking or dripping; one needs to understand from it is actually leaking. Broken internal components are the most common cause of the problem - pump seal or pressure valve. It problem can also be a problem related to worn out pipes or tank. 

  • Kettling in boilers

Kettling in boilers means a situation where the boiler unit makes rumbling noise like a kettle boiling water. This usually happens when deposits like limescale or sludge build-up in the boiler and restricts the flow of water in the heat exchange. This, in turn, results in overheating and produce steam.

  • Boiler frozen Condensate Pipe

Every condensing boiler comes with an internal condensate pipe that helps to carry acidic water acidic (results of the waste caused) away from the boiler. Commonly this pipe sticks out of the boiler installation in Addlestone. Being an exposed part, it is always at risk freezing in the winter. Thawing a frozen condensate pipe can also help to fix it for minor problems. But if the problem is something critical contacting professionals for Boiler Service in Addlestone is the best course of action.

  • Thermostat Issues in boilers

Thermostat related problems are one of the most common issues in boilers. If a boiler loses accuracy or switches on/off when it should not, it is best to get it replaced. But before you replace the thermostat, check whether it is positioned correctly or for inconsistencies with settings. Another possibility is that the rooms can already be at the desired temperature for which the heating has stopped.  

  • Boiler keeps powering off

If the boiler keeps switching itself off, it can be for a number of different reasons. It can be for low pressure, lesser than required water flow, air pump-related circulation issues or more. To understand the cause behind a boiler repeatedly switching off by itself can be tricky and may need professional intervention. If your home's boiler is also causing similar problems, it is better to reach out and to professionals for Boiler Service in Addlestone.

JNR Plumbing & Heating - Most Trusted Boiler Service in Addlestone

We here at JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone understand the importance of our service. We realize countless people look up and depend on us for quick assistance in times of emergencies. Hence, over the years of being in business, we've slowly developed our business and developed a structure to guarantee a quick solution.

JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone has been in business for over a decade and has helped many a client with quick Boiler Service in Addlestone. Understanding the importance of our service, we always ensure to keep affordable charges. So, if you need any kind of assistance related to boiler installations, we're always happy to help.​


For more details of Boiler Service in Addlestone, feel free to contact us via our contact details.

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