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            Boiler Repair in Addlestone

Boiler repairing is one of our specialties. Our field staff and establishment are available all the time. With years of experience and ability to meet the requirements of the most complicated boiler systems, we stand out to be the best in the city. Our professionals can repair and rebuild boilers exceeding the best standards and in much less time span than it usually takes to repair a boiler. Easy and convenient access to complex parts let our boiler repairing professionals smoothly fix the issues. This makes us a reputed boiler repairing companies in Addlestone.​

Hire a Trusted Name for Boiler Repair in Addlestone - JNR Plumbing & Heating

JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone has a good understanding of the downtime production loss. The experts working here know how urgent it can be a boiler repair. This is why each one of the professionals of this company ensures to reach your address within a short time once you give a call for the boiler repair. We have everything needed for repairing a boiler efficiently and quickly.​

Dealing with boilers and other hazardous devices can be tricky if not done by an authorized agency. JNR Plumbing & Heating in Addlestone offers the best services in boiler repair in Addlestone. Being on the Gas register (222861) we are qualified to deal with gas appliances from boilers, cookers, hobs and fireplaces.

  • We have knowledge on most makes of boilers and have great contacts to get parts on the same day or next day (depending on brands)

  • We normally diagnose a boiler issue within the first 30 min​

  • We will give you our honest opinion whether the boiler is worth fixing or replacing and let you decide if the boiler is in a dangerous state we will assist you in making it safe


​So, whenever you notice any signs of glitches that may lead to a bigger problem, simply reach out to us for a boiler repair in Addlestone. We despatch a team of experts for the required location as soon as we get a call to provide prompt service and instant repairs.

​Some Common Boiler Repair Service we Provide

No matter how good and expensive a boiler you use, maintenance is always required. Just like all other machines, they too can show problems and create issues and show problems. There are certain common problems with boilers that almost everyone faces giving the rise for reliable Boiler Repair in Addlestone. Over the years we've also encountered many simple and also sometimes complex problems. Here is a list of some common problems that we encounter often and have repaired giving households and business a quick fix.

  • Circulatory Pump Repairs

One of the most important mechanical parts of a boiler, it slowly loses its efficiency over time. The circulatory pump handles the transfer of hot water from the tanks to the different terminal points in the house. Problems with such a part can cause critical damage to the boiler. Hence to treat such problems, it is best to get damages repaired as soon as possible. Also, without timely periodic maintenance, too much wear and tear can lead to the circulatory pump breaking. To quickly fix such a critical problem, our team for Boiler Repair in Addlestone makes sure to replace it with authentic quality spares. 

  • Expansion Tank Repairs

Every boiler comes with water tanks with further water tanks which have smaller cylindrical tanks attached to the pressure cages. These smaller cylindrical tanks are extremely important to maintain the water pressure inside the boiler. It helps to control the pressure to an optimum level and ensure that it does not spike. Problems like the breaking of these tanks or any other issues with water tanks can cause critical damages t the entire boiler and also its distribution system. We've helped plenty of people with similar problems and can always help you as well. 

  • Clearing Sediments

Sedimentation is also another very common problem with boiler setups. It can slowly begin to build-up inside the tanks for simple problems like breakages in the pipes. Such problems usually develop along the bottom of the tanks and can ever lead the entire boiler to overheat also show signs of corrosion. To deal with sedimentation related problems, the best approach is to flush it out. Our team of experts for Boiler Repair in Addlestone have helped hundreds of clients with such problems and can always help you out as well.

  • Aquastat Repairs

The aquastat is one of the most important peripherals which maintains the heat level inside a boiler. When working properly, it automatically shuts off the boiler if the temperature spikes too much. Overheating of boilers can cause critical damages including the chance of rendering the boiler useless. If you notice signs of overheating, or the device is turning off more frequently than usual, we can help you to fix the broken aquastat. 

Avail Reliable Boiler Repair in Addlestone with JNR Plumbing & Heating

So, if you're looking for a company in Addlestone that can always report within a short period of time to assist you with boiler repair in Addlestone, we're always here t help. We work with a team of extremely efficient and skilled professionals who can tackle any task with ease. No matter what kind of damages need to be dealt with, our team can get the job done. With decade long experience of working in the industry, we've slowly developed and designed our service to meet the expectation and guarantee complete resolution.


So, feel free to reach out to us regarding any kind of boiler repair in Addlestone for quick assistance.
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